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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  • MyZeon acknowledges the concern of customers regarding their privacy, confidentiality, and security. 
  • We keep our customers’ Personal Information of our customers secure and prevent any misuse thereof, which is, therefore, a top priority of MyZeon.
  • MyZeon is strongly committed to protecting its customers’ privacy and taking all the necessary and reasonable measures.
  • Our Privacy & Security Policy explains how our customer’s personal Information is important to us. 
  •  We use the customers’ Information in conjunction with our General Terms of Use.

This Policy is published and shall be deemed to follow the provisions of the Information Technology Rules, 2011, under the Information Technology Act, 2000.

Personal Information:

Personal Information (“PI”) means – documents and details related to a person. This PI, directly or indirectly, combined with other information available with MyZeon, can identify such a person.


(i) This Policy applies to the PI, such as details about your 

  • Name

  • Parentage

  •  Marital status

  • Nationality

  • State/city of residence

  • Residential address

(ii) By visiting and using our website, you agree to this Policy.  

(iii) MyZeon reserves the right at any time, at its sole discretion, to change or otherwise modify the Policy without prior notice.

What Personal Information About You We Gather:
The Information we get from our customers helps us personalize and improve user experience on the website.

Here are the types of Information we gather:

  1.  The information you enter on our website.
  2. Users can choose not to provide certain information.
  3. We store certain types of information whenever you interact with us. For example, “cookies.”  

How do We Use The Information:

MyZeon collects your Information when you register for an account and use our products or services. When you register with the website and sign in, you are not anonymous to us. To register, provide your contact number and other details. Upon successful registration, you’ll receive an SMS and email.

Confirm your consent by:
(i) By using the website and furnishing – personal and contact details, you agree that you are interested in knowing more or availing and purchasing our products and services. You, at this moment, agree that MyZeon may contact you, either electronically or by phone, to understand your interest in the selected products and services. Further, you also agree and authorize MyZeon and its partners, service providers, vendors, and other third parties to contact you. You agree and authorize MyZeon to share your Information with its group companies, vendors, service providers, business partners, agents, and other third parties to provide various value-added services. You agree to receive communications through emails, telephone, Whatsapp, SMS, or any other messaging/communication service from MyZeon or third parties. You also agree that MyZeon reserves the right to make your details available to its partner banks/financial institutions or any other third party and that they may contact the partners and the third party for Information through email, telephone, Whatsapp, and SMS.

(ii) The website’s usage may also require you to consent to use your details or authorize MyZeon to derive your data/information from any other source or public registry, if necessary, to complete your profile or your application. Your PI may also be used or shared with third parties, including but not limited to our vendors, service providers, credit information agencies, analytics and research partners. MyZeon shall adhere to best industry practices while processing such applications, including information security, data protection, and privacy law. However, MyZeon shall not be liable to you against any liability or claims arising from such transactions as any such PI is being collected, used, processed and shared with your explicit consent.

(iii) You now authorize and expressly consent MyZeon to share your PI with third parties including – Credit Information Companies (“CIC”) to check of your credit profile for MyZeon to send you targeted communications and offers.

(iv) If you are no longer interested in sharing your PI, please email your request at: Please note that processing your request may take about 72 business hours. In addition to your usage of the website, you expressly waive: 

  •   Do Not Call (DNC) / Do Not Disturb (DND) registrations 

So no DNC / DND check is required for the number you have left on our website. Such modes of contacting include sending SMSs and/ or telephonic calls.

(v) MyZeon reserves the right (and you expressly authorize MyZeon) to share or disclose your PI. So MyZeon determines, in its sole discretion, that the disclosure of such information is necessary as per the applicable laws.

Credit Information Report:
(i) Your Credit Information is a ‘soft search’ for your credit records with Credit Information Companies “CICs” and MyZeon do not control the content or accuracy of information of your credit information by CICs. MyZeon gets this Information from CIC for and on your behalf only when you agree to appoint MyZeon as an authorized agent/ representative for collecting your credit information from CICs. By giving your consent to use and avail your credit information report through MyZeon, you agree that MyZeon and CICs shall be entitled to rely on your authorization and consent to MyZeon.

(ii) Availing your credit information through MyZeon means you’re passing of appropriate identity authentication for security and privacy purposes. MyZeon shall not notify you of the reasons if you cannot pass such identity authentications and cannot view and/or use your credit information.

(iii) MyZeon may analyze and profile your credit information to assist you in being better informed about, understanding, and managing – credit score/rating, identify and inform of credit products that are likely to be suited to your circumstances, identify whether you may benefit from additional guidance concerning your credit score and steps to take to for improving credit score. Please access MyZeon’s Terms of Service for Credit Information Report for more details.

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