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Debit Cards

A debit card is plastic cash that banks issue, and one can use it to purchase things. You can use a debit card at merchant outlets and can use it at ATMs to access cash. The debit card helps you withdraw money from your bank account. For many people, a debit card is a convenient option to carry out day-to-day expenditures. Know about the different types of debit cards in India, how to apply for a debit card online, and how to get a debit card. You can check how a debit card is different from a Credit Card and understand the features of both of them.

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Types of Debit Cards

You’ve different types of debit card options and you can easily apply for them. Check them out below : How Can Debit Cards & Credit Cards Differ from Each Other? With a debit card, you can spend money from your own bank account; but, with a credit card, your bank provides you credit, which you must pay back with interest at a later time. How Do I Get a Debit Card? It commonly comes with the bank’s account opening kit. You can phone the bank’s customer service line or go to a branch to get a debit card if you didn’t get one when you opened a bank account or if you have an older account that was opened before debit cards were available. What is a Personal Identification Number (PIN)? It is a four-digit personal identification number that gives you access to your money and allows you to use your ATM for any transaction (drawing, balance inquiry, mini-statement, etc.). It’s necessary that you maintain your PIN private and secure and avoid sharing it to others. The PIN should never be written on the back of a debit card. What Should You Do If You Forget Your Pin or Not Working? A new debit card PIN can be created online through net banking or by visiting to an ATM of a bank. A new PIN number will be issued to your registered mobile phone when you enter your debit card number and the CVV number printed on the back of your card. What Should You Do If Your Debit Card Is Lost? If your card is lost, call the bank’s customer service line right away to report the loss. Following your responses to some inquiries from customer service, the card will be blocked. You must also notify the closest police station of the loss. Send the bank a copy of the information that the police have duly verified. Are There Any Fees Related with Using a Debit Card for a Purchase at an Atm Owned by a Different Bank? The transaction fees associated with using an ATM belonging to a different bank differ each card. The first five debit card transactions at an ATM of another bank per month are often free. However, every transaction made at an ATM owned by another bank after this cap is charged a cost of Rs 20.
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